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The Veterans Journal, as a newspaper, was established in 1997, in San Diego, California. Published as a monthly paper for the first four years, the Journal changed to a weekly edition in 2001.

The Veterans Journal is dedicated to educate and inform the veteran, the family of veterans as well as all patriots regardless of their origin or current location whether it be local, domestic or international. Over the years, The Veterans Journal has been an instrumental leader in San Diego, County, pioneering numerous projects beneficial to the community.

United Veterans Memorial Service

The monthly United Veterans Memorial Service provides full military burial honors to all veterans who have died in San Diego County in the previous month. The United Veterans Memorial Service also provides full military burial honors to indigent veterans who have passed away with no family support.

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery – Annex Expansion at Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar

The Veterans Journal was instrumental in initiating the satellite cemetery project that is currently under construction at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar, San Diego, California.

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The Veterans Memorial Garden:

The Veterans Memorial Garden, located at the Veterans Memorial Center and Museum, the Balboa Hospital “Old Navy Chapel”

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Operation Homefront

A booming success, Operation Homefront was conceived and initiated in the Veterans Journal office in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. This project was based upon the idea that when our nation calls our service members into harm’s way, the last thing the service member needs is to be preoccupied with issues back home. The service member needs reassurance that all’s well back on the homefront, so they can concentrate on the serious job of protectng our nation. Operation Homefront provides coordinated support from businesses and individuals to the families of deployed members of our Armed Forces.


The Veterans Journal is proud to be the only publication endorsed by the United Veterans Council (UVC), the representative body of all the approximately fifty veterans associations and organizations in San Diego County.

San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy stated in a congratulatory letter, in-part: “I recognize the Veterans Journal is more than a newspaper, it is also a major sponsor of several events and initiatives serving the county, including the United Veterans Council, Veterans Museum and Memorial Center, Veterans Research Center and Library Student Outreach Program, Veteran and Veterans of the Year Program, Veterans Day Parade, Monthly United Veterans Memorial Service and Indigent Veterans Burial Program, Veterans Memorial Park, and the Veterans Satellite Cemetery Program”

From the California State Assembly, Certificate of Recognition: “The San Diego Veterans Journal: In Honor of: the publication’s dedicated service as a quality informational resource to San Diego’s retired and active military community.”


It has been a privilege of The Veterans Journal to serve the San Diego Counties Veterans and their families for several years. Over time, we have become sensitive to the veterans’ needs, and expert in finding solutions to veteran’s problems. We are now posed to bring all that we have learned to the service to all of the Nation’s Veterans, their Families and all America’s Patriots.

David Brown, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Dana F. Harbaugh, Managing Editor
Proud to lead a staff of gifted professionals.