Why the Journal


Yes, we said FREE, The Veterans Journal is provided free to all veterans, active duty personnel and caring Untied States Patriots. What is at risk are the many basic principles, which literally thousands have risked their very lives to defend and protect.

Just as Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, and high-tech computer experts have a professional obligation to stay current with developments within their respective profession. We veterans, who answered the call to active duty as well as every patriot must remain ever vigilant against threats to our great nation and to the principles upon which it was built.

The Veterans Journal is committed to reinforce these efforts by publishing, on a weekly basis, the most current unbiased news, not just the abbreviated spun version carried by the mass media, thereby enabling all patriots and most especially veterans, to remain truthfully informed.

To this end, The Veterans Journal will endeavor to provide in-depth news and information beyond that which the mainstream press will cover.

We proudly accept this accountability, embracing integrity, and commitment to professionalism in the execution of our mission of service to our nation’s veterans.

Your Veterans Journal is absolutely Free.Read it, and tell a friend and subscribe to the Alert.


Ms. Cynthia Butler
Robert Cardenas
BrigGen. USAF (Ret.)
Warren Cormier, PhD,
Capt. USN (Ret.)
Will Hays
Capt. USN (Ret.)
Peter Houben
Col. USA (Ret.)
Erwin Huelsewede
USAF (Ret.)
Edward B. Meyer
BrigGen. USMC (Ret.)
Ms. Cynthia Nunez
Nancy Owen
Capt. USN (Ret.)
Mr. Dwight Sales
R. Alan Smith, Esq.
Ms. Kay Spafford
Judge, Larry Stirling
James Stodola
Col. USMC (Ret.)
Jesse Ugalde
Col. USA (Ret.)